Software Developer - Virtual Locomotion Controller

Job Description

soVoz is currently seeking software developers who can contribute to our technology and play a key role in our product development efforts. We are looking for smart energetic people with strong analytic skills who are interested in working for a small entrepreneurial company. As a member of the soVoz development team, you will help develop the Company’s advanced simulation/animation technologies, tools and immersive VR user interfaces, as well as author interactive 3D simulation/gaming content for a wide variety of applications. This work will involve the design and development of advanced user interfaces, graphics, audio, network, device, and simulation systems.

Job Requirements:
  • Strong math and computer graphics background

  • Excellent C/C++ programming skills ls

  • Good understanding of real-time 3D graphics APIs (i.e.OpenGL and/or DirectX), game engines (Gamebryo) and physics systems (PhysX)

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

  • BS or MS in computer science, engineering or equivalent work experience

Desirable Skills and Experience:
  • Graphical user interface design and development experience (i.e. authoring tools) 

  • Signal processing and microcontroller software development

  • Game development experience

soVoz is located in Princeton, NJ, which is about 60 minutes from both New York City and Philadelphia.  If you believe you have what we are looking for, please send your resume to: jobs@soVoz.com








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